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PKZ2 Trip Indicators and Current Limiters

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Provides easy access to the load side terminals of the PKZ2/SM motor protector for control circuit tap off purposes when the protector and S-PKZ2 high capacity magnetic contactor are mounted together as a combination unit (PKZ2/ZM-.../S). Accepts 2.8 mm fast-on connectors (insulated/non-insulated); control circuit conductor cross section range: AWG 16...20, Cu only.

Max. current draw: 1A or 15% of thermal dial (FLC) value, whichever is less. Increase the setting of the dial accordingly to compensate for the tapped off current.
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ST-PKZ2 010998 Tap off's Provides line voltage tap off after PKZ2 and before the contactor
To mechanically interlock two S-PKZ2 contactors. Contactors must be separately mounted using EZ-PKZ2 mounting bases. Useful for reversing applications or when there is a need to mechanically interlock the contactors of two PKZ2/ZM-.../S motor protector combinations (e.g. 2-speed motors with 2 separate windings). Supplied with 4 end brackets.
A-H-PKZ2   Exit Shaft Extension shaft from PKZ2 to door handle. Enclosure depth of 171 to 300mm.
B3.1/3-PKZ2   Buss Bar 100 Amp - 3 Position buss bar. Use multiple units to daisy chain more.
B3.1/2-PKZ2  .   Buss Bar 100 Amp - 2 Position buss bar. Use multiple units to daisy chain more
BK50/3-PKZ2    Feeder Terminals 3 Phase terminals for buss bars. accepts wire size AWG 14-0 cu
C-PKZ2   Clip Plate Combines the PKZ2 and the (/s) contactor into one din rail mountable device
H-PKZ2   Black Handle Handle for external mounting in control cabinets
MV-PKZ 033938 Mechanical Interlock Provides mechanical interlock between two (/s) contactors
RH-PKZ2   Red Handle Handle for external mounting in control cabinets