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PKZ2 Magnetic Contactors and Surge Suppressors

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Magnetic Contactors and Surge Suppressors

The contactors can be directly plugged into the manual motor protector PKZ2/ZM-... to form a magnetic motor protector combination. Use of a C-PKZ2 clip plate is essential for this purpose. The combination on a clip plate can then either be conventionally panel mounted using screws, or clipped onto one or two 15mm high DIN rail(s) conforming to EN 50 022-35. The contactors can also be individually mounted using EZ-PKZ2 mounting base. RC filter surge suppressors for AC coils, as an alternative to varistor types shown on this
page, are available upon request. Contactors that are individually mounted
can also be mechanically interlocked using the MV-PKZ2 mechanical interlock, e.g. for reversing applications. The DC operated contactor comes standard with 1 N.O. contact and built-in surge suppression. Coil exchange and different auxiliary contact configurations are not possible.

Surge Suppressors

Surge suppressors for AC coils of S-...-PKZ2 contactors. VGSPKZ250 RC filters also available upon request.
Part Name Voltage
VGSPKZ48 24 - 48 V
VGSPKZ250 110 - 250 V
VGSPKZ415 380 - 415 V